Semantic Web

# Jena Rules

@prefix caIN: <file:ontology/indoorNav.owl#> .

@prefix temporal: <file:ontology/temporal.owl#> .

@include <OWL>.



SWRL ( is proposal for a semantic web rules-language, combining sublanguage of the OWL Web Ontology Language (OWL DL and Lite) with those of rule markup language (RuleML). The Rule Markup Language (RuleML) is a markup language developed to express both forward (bottom-up) and backward (top-down) rules in XML for deduction, rewriting, and further inferential-transformational tasks.


SQWRL (Semantic Query-Enhanced Web Rule Language; pronounced squirrel) is a SWRL-based query language that can be used to query OWL ontologies. SQWRL provides SQL-like operations to format knowledge retrieved from an OWL ontology. SQWRL does not alter SWRL’s semantics and uses the standard SWRL presentation syntax supported by the SWRLTab.


Below is the example of SWRL syntax to infer visitor’s location. (more…)

Today i attended to Prof. Harold Boley  talk in National Chengchi University Taiwan about POSL. I got new knowledge about one of language in semantic web. POSL integrates Prolog’s positional and F-logic’s slotted syntaxes for representing knowledge (fact and rules) in the semantic web. Positional-slotted(POSL) language accomodates various assertional-logical and object-centered modeling styles.  (more…)

I found good resources to know more about semantic web and semantic web technology such as the definition of semantic web, RDF, Ontology and also how to use protege. Here is the addrees :

And for the complete information just visit

I really got that this tutorial is usefull a lot, even for beginner.