Progress Report

On May 2007 i have done some tasks:

  1. Building ontology loocation for CSIE building in Protege
  2. Find paper about path finding for survey related work
  3. Try one of protege plugin “SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language)”

Plan for June 2007

Hm.. in June 2007 i have final project for 3 courses and final examinatian, so may be i think i dont’t have enough time to do something in my research, but i will try it

  1. Week 1-2 find another way to write ontology (write ontology for location in OWL)
  2. Week 3-4 Combine OWL and Java programming

Keep fighting !!


My weekly goal in May 2007 :

  1. Week 1 : create ontology building in protege based on survey and problem that want to be encountered. Add instances in the ontology based on knowledge that was collected before.
  2. Week 2 : learning about protege plugin
  3. Week 3 : Read paper about path finding
  4. Week 4 : Solve case how to find path from location A to location B in the same floor
  5. Week 5 : Create report for May 2007 and report the progress

As i plan in March 2007, I still try to figure out how to build ontology. In this month after i try to understand how to build ontology with the sample ontology from protege library “daycare ontology”, i try to build csie building ontology for preliminary. I tried to get the csie map, and surveyed in the exact location. Here is file (Progress report April 2007) about my progress report in this month that describe step by step how to building ontology in daycare ontology and a little preliminary for csie building ontology.

Start from December 2006, I try to focus on specific research field, ontology. Join in context aware group and try to used to work in the environment that strong with academic and research condition.

Along December 2006 and January 2007 i read the paper related with semantic web, context aware and ontology. Since February 2007, i decided to focus on location ontology for context aware, may be my research topic will be around this part. (more…)

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