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My progress report for December 2007 is in Progress Report December 2007 file.


In the last posting, i ask about this question: how to find information from ontology. And after i took a look in protege I found that Protege provides querytab to get information from the ontology.

Today, at 7 pm, i presented my Thesis Proposal to Iagent lab member. Some of them give me feedback like these :

  1. Take a look research in stanford about pathfinding, they have a good interface (HCI) to show navigation.
  2. Add interesting ontology to my project :
    1. social relationship ontology, we can get information about where is somebody from her/his social relationships.
    2. agenda / personal schedule to be accessed
  3. My focus idea is how to gain the advantage from the ontology. Better HCI will give some additional value to this research.
  4. I must read more paper about indoor location guidance.
  5. This system can be applied to television in first floor to help people who want to find the way to go to the specific location and give overall map. This map can be printed to help user remember about the path.

I finished to create indoor location ontology for CSIE building and add instances for 3rd floor. Step by step and class hierarcy of this ontology can be found in Report about how to develop indoor location ontology.

Before develop the ontology using step by step develop ontology, we should describe CSIE building location.
Description about CSIE building

CSIE building has 5 floors and one basement. Each floor has many rooms, passage, ladder sand lifts. There are several types of rooms:

  1. Laboratory. These rooms are provided for students to explore and practice their knowledge, do research, assignment from teacher or supervisor, or the project. Each laboratory has name, room number, door way, spread on 5 floors, and supervised by teacher as supervisor.
  2. Seminar room. Seminar rooms are provided for students and teacher to discuss their field, project, or discuss the paper.
  3. Classroom. Classrooms are provided to support academic activity such teaching process. 
  4. Rest room. Each floor has rest room as service room for people.
  5. Staff’s office. Staff’s office is office for teacher or CSIE staff.

There are 2 type passages: corridor and door way. Corridor connect one room with another room or another place, door way connect room is way out from room.

Ladders and lifts connected one floor with another. There are 3 ladders in CSIE building, 2 ladders in east side (ladder in south east building and ladder in north east building) and one ladder in west side.   Also there are 2 lifts in east side, lift in south east building and lift in north east building. We collect the map of CSIE building from all the floors. Information from the maps are stored as knowledge in ontology. 


Project Name : “Using Ontology for Pathfinding based on Context Aware System” 


This progress report discusses the progress I made from September 17   – September 23 2007.

Work completed from August 20 – September 14 2007 :

The previous progress report discussed the work I completed on summer vacation include define research proposal, attended to ICTS conference and time line for my research for fall 2007.

Work completed from 17 – 23 September 2007:

In this period I presented the master thesis proposal to Prof. Jane Yung-Jen Hsu. After that I define thesis outline that breakdown the parts of my thesis in a clear, hierarchical manner. An outline can be found in this link in my research blog:

Work to be complete on September 24- September 30 2007:

As the schedule in , I must go to the next step : create location ontology.


My research project is on schedule.

Work done in 4th Week September

Job : Define Thesis Outline

Description :

An  outline breaks down the parts of my thesis in a clear, hierarchical manner. With write this outline first, I hope it will most helpful in organizing one’s thoughts and make the paper or thesis book easy to write. (more…)

Hm… now i have to realistic. Try to create schedule and face it. OK… let me try to plan my research. I hope i can finish it and do progress as well. (more…)

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