Jena API

# Jena Rules

@prefix caIN: <file:ontology/indoorNav.owl#> .

@prefix temporal: <file:ontology/temporal.owl#> .

@include <OWL>.



While the command-line sparql tool is useful for running standalone queries, Java applications can call on Jena’s SPARQL capabilities directly. SPARQL queries are created and executed with Jena via classes in the com.hp.hpl.jena.query package. Using QueryFactory is the simplest approach. QueryFactory has various create() methods to read a textual query from a file or from a String. These create() methods return a Query object, which encapsulates a parsed query. (more…)

Jena is java API to handle ontology (OWL) model and reasoning.  They used RDF and N3 model to represent knowledge in model. Combine with java, it can be used to handle context aware application.

Last semester i get Jena semantic web materi from Advanced AI course. In this semester i try to simulate again how to deal with Jena. In lecture slide just tell about how to begin using Jena in general way. For beginner like me it need detail process to deal with this before go to further process. To remember my process i create this tutorial, hope it will usefull for newbi Jena. This presentation can be downloaded from slideshare website. File 2007-05-17-jenademo.rar can be download from choose download on “File to support “Play with Jena” Material” 

Here, I also publish slide about Jena in AAI course given by Assistent on May 17, 2007.