This step should be done by administrator. Before running Jade to our machine, we should download and prepare it. I will use windows OS to running Jade in eclipse environment. The guidance for installation can be found here, by choosing “JADE Administrator’s Guide” part. Requirement sofware to run Jade is JDK 1.4.

Here are steps by step that i done to prepare Jade in my machine:

  1.  Download JADE 3.5 version ( from
  2. Uncompress that file using “jar xvf” command. I use linux to do it by write command : jar xvf JADE-all-3\[1] . From this step we get:,, and jar xvf command is command for uncompress jar file. If we use common unzip, we will find error or uncompleted process. In windows OS we can use command prompt.
  3. Uncompress file we get from step 2 using the same command:
    1. jar xvf
    2. jar xvf
    3. jar xvf
    4. jar xvf
  4. From step 3 we will get folder jade\ and all the file that consists of binary file for jade, source code of example, source code of jade and documentation file.
  5. If we put jade at c:\jade, we must set classpath by write this at command line :  set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;.;c:\jade\lib\jade.jar;c:\jade\lib\jadeTools.jar; c:\jade\lib\Base64.jar;  c:\jade\lib\http.jar;c:\jade\lib\iiop.jar

After this step we can run Jade. If we want to run jade under eclipse environment we can use the documentation wrote by jih


After learn how to deal with jena, i start to learn JADE. I go to this website and read each documentation inside to understand what is Jade and how to deal with.