Moodle is Content Management System (CMS) which very popular. Many E-learning system uses this framework to create and manage the contents. To install it is very easy. But no with vista, On vista installation sometime to be dificult thing. For the first time install moodle in vista, i found the difficulties, but finally i got the solution. Here my note about how to install moodle on vista.


I use camStudio to capture the screen video for demonstration . It can be download freely from http://camstudio.org/ . To use it :

  1. Download and install camCoder installer from http://camstudio.org/
  2. Open camCoder.
  3. Set “Video Option” and “Cursor Option”
  4. Start recording by press button “record”
  5. Stop recording by press button “stop”
  6. Save the recording and play using media player. The file extension is .avi but we can convert to another extension.

CamStudio tutorial on youtube:

I found good resources to know more about semantic web and semantic web technology such as the definition of semantic web, RDF, Ontology and also how to use protege. Here is the addrees :

And for the complete information just visit http://www.semanticfocus.com

I really got that this tutorial is usefull a lot, even for beginner.

In previous posting i wrote about ejip. I use eclipse 3.2 to use jade platform but i didn’t use ejip in my programming 😀

I can create my first agent using jade. I have install eclipse 3.2 and jdk 1.4. and prepare jade before running it. This step by step using jade in eclipse: (more…)

In previous posting, i post about introduction to Ontology part 1. In part 1, i talk about idea of ontology, semantic web, and ontology in a glance.

In part 2, i write tutorial how to create ontology, step by step, using Protege based on Noy paper with indoor location as domain. Here is the ontology-part-2.ppt file.

Jena is java API to handle ontology (OWL) model and reasoning.  They used RDF and N3 model to represent knowledge in model. Combine with java, it can be used to handle context aware application.

Last semester i get Jena semantic web materi from Advanced AI course. In this semester i try to simulate again how to deal with Jena. In lecture slide just tell about how to begin using Jena in general way. For beginner like me it need detail process to deal with this before go to further process. To remember my process i create this tutorial, hope it will usefull for newbi Jena. This presentation can be downloaded from slideshare website. File 2007-05-17-jenademo.rar can be download from http://www.its.ac.id/personal/material.php?id=yuhana choose download on “File to support “Play with Jena” Material” 

Here, I also publish slide about Jena in AAI course given by Assistent on May 17, 2007.