Paper Reading

I found paper about tutorial in context aware programming using Java (JCAF 1.5) :

  1. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Java Context Awareness Framework (JCAF)
  2. The Java Context Awareness Framework (JCAF)-A Service Infrastructure and Programming Framework for Context aware application
  3. Tutorial for the Java Context Awareness Framework (JCAF), version 1.5

In another hand, i discussed with Wan-rong about possibility tool for programming i should use. She suggest me to use JADE as framework and Jena API as API that can communicate java and ontology.


Today, i finished read one of the papers from Proceeding of Computers & Accessibility, ASSETS 2006, Portland, Oregon, October 2006, about indoor wayfinding for impairments,  “Indoor Wayfinding: Development a Functional Interface for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments” by Alan L. Liu, Harlan HIle, Henry Kautz, Gaetano Boriello, Pat A Brown, Mark Harniss, Kurt Johnson.

This project concerns about building a good and suitable grapical user interface for pathfinding on indoor location for people with cognitive impairment. They develop prototype for indoor pathfinding application using combination of image, audio and text. Audio is used for alerting / remembering people who use this system as navigation instruction. Beside audio, they provide text for navigation and also image of the location.

This system also track user position and give navigation and path information from the server. This system use wi-fi connection to send data from server to client and only when the user in the lift, the system lost connectivity. Experiment result for this user interface by give it to different impairment people also are given in this paper.

In my personal opinion, i think this GUI is very good, not only for people with cognitive impairment but also for normal people. it also can be applied to outdoor navigation by give guidance information and navigation.

I join with Intelligent Space Laboratory, in context aware group meeting since 8 november 2006. Every week we discuss about topic and paper around contect aware technology. I am interesting with this topic, specifically in ontology. (more…)