Today i attended to Prof. Harold Boley  talk in National Chengchi University Taiwan about POSL. I got new knowledge about one of language in semantic web. POSL integrates Prolog’s positional and F-logic’s slotted syntaxes for representing knowledge (fact and rules) in the semantic web. Positional-slotted(POSL) language accomodates various assertional-logical and object-centered modeling styles. 

In this talk, Professor Harold Boley also introduces about POSL selectors, unification, webizing, typing, and implementation. Webizing takes up and extends the use of URIs in N3. From POSL website, i find information that for humans, the POSL language is faster to write and easier to read than any XML syntax. However, since a parser and a generator map the POSL syntax to Object-Oriented RuleML and back, the machine advantages of XML can be preserved.

withprofboley.jpg Thanks to Prof. Boley for your great talk 🙂

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