February 2008

Suppose i have Event e, which hasStartTime t1 and hasEndTime t2. To calculate the duration using SWRL of the event in minutes i use this rule :

Event(?e)  ∧
hasStartTime(?e, ?t1)  ∧
hasEndTime(?e, ?t2)  ∧
temporal:duration(?d, ?t1, ?t2, temporal:Minutes)
  → hasDuration(?e, ?d)

?d is return value in a minute .


I found good resources to know more about semantic web and semantic web technology such as the definition of semantic web, RDF, Ontology and also how to use protege. Here is the addrees :

And for the complete information just visit http://www.semanticfocus.com

I really got that this tutorial is usefull a lot, even for beginner.