In the last posting, i ask about this question: how to find information from ontology. And after i took a look in protege I found that Protege provides querytab to get information from the ontology.

Today, at 7 pm, i presented my Thesis Proposal to Iagent lab member. Some of them give me feedback like these :

  1. Take a look research in stanford about pathfinding, they have a good interface (HCI) to show navigation.
  2. Add interesting ontology to my project :
    1. social relationship ontology, we can get information about where is somebody from her/his social relationships.
    2. agenda / personal schedule to be accessed
  3. My focus idea is how to gain the advantage from the ontology. Better HCI will give some additional value to this research.
  4. I must read more paper about indoor location guidance.
  5. This system can be applied to television in first floor to help people who want to find the way to go to the specific location and give overall map. This map can be printed to help user remember about the path.