To find the path i tried to develop path ontology based on the paper “Specification of an Ontology for Route Graphs” written by Bernd Krieg-Bruckner, Udo Frese, Klaus Luttich, Christian Mandel, Till Mossakowski and Robert J. Ross from FB3 Mathematik und Informatik, Universitat Bremen.

After i build the ontology, only for 3rd floor i need to store more than 130 instances path. I imported indoor location ontology to this ontology. After i discuss with Wan-rong, we decide that it is not efficien for my case and i should find another way to get path by add connectWith property in indoor location ontology.

Figure 1. below describes about class hierarchy for path ontology i created this week.

path ontology for CSIE building

Figure 1. Classes Hierarchy for path ontology