Project Name : “Using Ontology for Pathfinding based on Context Aware System” 


This progress report discusses the progress I made from September 17   – September 23 2007.

Work completed from August 20 – September 14 2007 :

The previous progress report discussed the work I completed on summer vacation include define research proposal, attended to ICTS conference and time line for my research for fall 2007.

Work completed from 17 – 23 September 2007:

In this period I presented the master thesis proposal to Prof. Jane Yung-Jen Hsu. After that I define thesis outline that breakdown the parts of my thesis in a clear, hierarchical manner. An outline can be found in this link in my research blog:

Work to be complete on September 24- September 30 2007:

As the schedule in , I must go to the next step : create location ontology.


My research project is on schedule.