Work done in 4th Week September

Job : Define Thesis Outline

Description :

An  outline breaks down the parts of my thesis in a clear, hierarchical manner. With write this outline first, I hope it will most helpful in organizing one’s thoughts and make the paper or thesis book easy to write.



Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1. Background / Motivation

1.2. Problem Statemen

1.3. System Objectives

Chapter 2 Basic Theory

2.1   Ontology

2.1.1.         Ontology Definition (include OWL part)

2.1.2.        Ontology Modeling

2.1.3.        Tools to develop Ontology  Protégé 3.2.1  Protégé Plug-in are used in this research         SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language)         Graphviz          JESS Tab

2.2   Reasoning

2.2.1.        Reasoning in Ontology

2.2.2.        Reasoning Tools  Pellet  Jena

2.3   Context aware System

2.3.1.        Context Definition

2.3.2.        Context Aware System Overview

2.4   Path Finding Method

2.4.1.        A*

2.5   Related Work

Chapter 3 Define Problem

Chapter 4 Solution

Chapter 5 Implementation

5.1 System Design Overview

5.2 Design User Interface

5.3 Indoor Location Ontology

5.4 Time Ontology

5.5 Rules

5.6 Path Finding Method

5.7 Define Context

Chapter 6 Experiment and Evaluation

6.1   Experiment Scenario

a.       Scenario 1 : Go from A to B in the same floor

b.      Scenario 2 : go from A to B in the different floor

c.       Scenario 3 : go from A to B in different Time

                                                                                       i.      Noon

                                                                                     ii.      Night

d.      Scenario 4 : Pick up and Delivery things in many places

             6.2   Evaluation

Chapter 7 Conclusion