May 2007

Yesterday i found about KAON (The KArlsruhe ONtology) from the paper about “An Ontology-based Knowledge Management System for Metal Industry” written by Sheng-Tun Li, Huang-Chih Hsieh and I-Wei Sun. KAON is one of ontology tool. In this paper author compare of several popular ontology tools. KAON store the ontology in database and files, it use DAML+OILS and RDF(S) language, open source, and has inference engine. In the other hand, protege use Flogic, OIL and ontolingua for the language and also open source.

How the differences about KAON and protege, i think i should figure out and try it if i want to know more 🙂


My weekly goal in May 2007 :

  1. Week 1 : create ontology building in protege based on survey and problem that want to be encountered. Add instances in the ontology based on knowledge that was collected before.
  2. Week 2 : learning about protege plugin
  3. Week 3 : Read paper about path finding
  4. Week 4 : Solve case how to find path from location A to location B in the same floor
  5. Week 5 : Create report for May 2007 and report the progress

As i plan in March 2007, I still try to figure out how to build ontology. In this month after i try to understand how to build ontology with the sample ontology from protege library “daycare ontology”, i try to build csie building ontology for preliminary. I tried to get the csie map, and surveyed in the exact location. Here is file (Progress report April 2007) about my progress report in this month that describe step by step how to building ontology in daycare ontology and a little preliminary for csie building ontology.