April 2007

After Web 2.0, web go to semantic web. What is semantic web? Semantic web is the idea that make web can understand the information given by the human. To go though this vision, one of tool that we use is N3 (Notation 3) besides the RDF(Resource Framework Description). What is N3 and how to write it, we can find it in this page : http://www.w3.org/2000/10/swap/doc/ . We can find all about N3 in this page.

To figure out about N3, i try to write sentence in N3 and write it down in intro to RDF and N3. With a little introduction i hope we will understand how to write N3 instead of RDF.


To know what is ontology clearly and how to build ontology, i use daycare ontology from https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/jpthielman/web/DaycareOntology.htm and try to figure out step by step based on [1] and [2]. Ontology is developed in protege 3.2. This is my summary; Ontology Building . It is about how to build ontology step by step with daycare.

Reference :

[1] N.F Noy, and D.L. McGuinnes, Ontology Development 101 : A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology, 2001

[2] Horridge, Mattahew, A Practical Guide to Building OWL Ontologies Using The Protege-OWL plugin and CO-ODE Tool, The University of Manchester, 2004