March 2007

Properties in ontology represent relationships between two individuals. There are 3 main types of properties : object properties, data type properties and annotation properties. (more…)


Start from December 2006, I try to focus on specific research field, ontology. Join in context aware group and try to used to work in the environment that strong with academic and research condition.

Along December 2006 and January 2007 i read the paper related with semantic web, context aware and ontology. Since February 2007, i decided to focus on location ontology for context aware, may be my research topic will be around this part. (more…)

My Purpose I read this paper is find and understand a methodology to create ontology, after that I will use the methodology to create location based ontology . 

Summary : (more…)


Paper Title : Semantic Web Technologies to Reconcile Privacy and Context Awareness (PDF)

Author : Gandon, F. and Sadeh, N.

Resource : Web Semantics Journal. Vol. 1, No. 3, 2004. Pages 241-260

Topic about : MyCampus (more…)

CSIE-building Ontology ? what is it ?  To understand ontology space in SOUPA i try to write ontology for CSIE-building. as usually, i open google to find topic about spatial ontology. I only get a little clue for this. (more…)

I join with Intelligent Space Laboratory, in context aware group meeting since 8 november 2006. Every week we discuss about topic and paper around contect aware technology. I am interesting with this topic, specifically in ontology. (more…)

One of my interest research is about ontology. What is ontology in computer science domain ?  An Ontology is an engineering artifact, it is constituted by specific vocabulary used to describe a certain reality, plus a set of explicit assumptions regarding the in intended meaning of vocabulary. (more…)

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